Building a sustainable business for the future

Over SONGWON's 57 years of continuous growth, we have learned to manage challenges and changing needs while continually preparing for the future. As our business expands worldwide, it remains SONGWON’s priority to drive and to create value for future generations by integrating sustainability.

In view of market environments, opportunities and risks and the pace of technology trends, it is crucial for us to closely monitor developments in the industry and anticipate new requirements. To us, sustainability is more than just “going green”. It’s about building a sustainable business for the future.

For SONGWON sustainability is a strategic driver addressing and integrating the ESG topics (Environment, Society, Governance) into the corporate strategy to create value by managing operations, innovation and business practices, meeting the evolving needs of the markets, the environment and society.

Sustainability Statement

Sustainability is a group-wide challenge involving our entire global team. We constantly strive to create better environmentally-sound solutions which are sourced in line with common ethical standards and generate less waste, using better materials, less packaging and delivering more value for our customers.

The global SONGWON team is committed to using its expertise to the benefit of the customers. By creating sustainable value through innovation, we want our customers to overcome challenges and gain competitive advantage. Therefore, it is essential for SONGWON’s businesses to act from an agile, market-oriented perspective.

Using our innovation drive, we deliver sustainable products and solutions that help our customers address a wide variety of issues relating to the design, performance, recycling and lifecycle of plastics. SONGWON performs LCAs (Life Cycle Assessments) of its products due to the increased importance that all plastics value chain partners contribute to a circular economy. SONGWON has been developing a design for circularity and is contributing to mechanical recycling.

SONGWON’s success can be attributed to our ability to remain agile on the back of our efficient global processes, our broad portfolio of high-performance products as well as our competent teams proactively managing the challenges.

Labels and Certificates (selection)

The integrated Sustainability Report (see Annual Report) has been prepared in accordance with the GRI Standards, Core Option, and has undergone the Content Index Service

EcoVadis Sustainability Rating

Commitment to and reporting in accordance with UN-Goals (SDGs)

ISO 14001, Environmental Management certification, for the Suwon plant (Korea)
ISO 45001, Occupational Health and Safety certification, for plants in Ulsan and Maeam (Korea)

Active Member of the Polyofelin Circular Economy Platform (recycling)

For more detailed information on the principles and areas of importance to our sustainability policy, please refer to SONGWON's sustainability report 2021 and to our sustainability brochure.