Sourcing Ethics

Ensuring a reliable and sustainable supply chain

At SONGWON, we have always been mindful of the importance of conducting our business in a responsible manner. This involves embracing professional business ethics which include the responsible sourcing and procurement of materials in our quest to provide customers with high quality, sustainable products. We also invest in making our supply chain stronger and more efficient while fostering sustainability at every stage.

Relationships & Reliability

Relationship building is our DNA. From the founding of our organization, we have always sought to build relationships based of the principles of responsible sourcing. We also expect SONGWON’s supply partners to abide by the highest social, ethical and environmental performance and safety standards as we at SONGWON do.

We evaluate our suppliers’ sustainability performance based on key factors such as labor laws, EH&S, human rights, business ethics, etc. This is how we make sure that SONGWON works with the best in the business worldwide and can contribute to a healthier, controlled, more transparent, and ecologically sound supply chain.

California Transparency in Supply Chain Act Disclosure