It's all about the chemistry

At SONGWON, we understand the challenges our customers encounter on a daily basis and what they require to meet the demands of their various industries. We strive to provide chemical solutions that give them a competitive edge. As a leading global chemical company our highly advanced production processes and technology can tailor our additives and specialty chemicals to specification.

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Looking back to K 2019

16 – 23 October 2019

Düsseldorf, Germany

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Our Core Values

It is the core values that form the essence of a company. These values are the character traits that together define a company’s personality and give it a soul. This “corporate soul” makes a company unique. Here’s where personality begins and comparison ends. Developing a strong company personality is our opportunity to clearly differentiate ourselves from competitors. The soul of a company acts like a tuning fork to bring all its component parts into harmony.


SONGWON’s team of committed chemical professionals is dedicated to advancing the interests of customers and the industry.


SONGWON’s past, people, products and processes bear the hallmark of reliability, trust and confidence in the future.


SONGWON is a global leader in chemical specialties that has retained the spirit of its early years: a lean, innovative and flexible organization that seeks and drives new opportunities and sets new trends.


SONGWON offers a specialty chemicals knowhow pool to facilitate and accelerate business and industry growth in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.


SONGWON’s people act as extended teams for their clients: they are readily available and always within reach.

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