Polymer Stabilizers

To prevent degradation when exposed to heat, cold and uv-light, plastics require stabilization

Specially designed plastic stabilizers protect the polymer during processing and ensure that plastic end products retain their physical properties during use, prolonging their life.

SONGWON offers as a leading manufacturer of polymer stabilizers a comprehensive range of processing, heat and uv-light stabilizers as additives for plastics in a variety of blends and physical forms that facilitate handling and application. Information on the available physical forms is provided in the Technical Datasheets.

Manufacturer of Polymer Stabilizers / Stabilizer Solutions for Plastics

Antioxidants, Binary Blends & Thioesters

SONGNOX® antioxidants prolong the life of plastics

Phenolic antioxidants (AOs), also known as primary antioxidants, are highly effective, non-discoloring stabilizers for organic substrates that are prone to oxidation, e.g., plastics, synthetic fibers, elastomers and waxes. They act as free radical scavengers, and are primarily used to protect the finished product.

Phosphite antioxidants, also known as secondary antioxidants, act as peroxide decomposers, protecting the polymer and ensuring color retention of oxidation-prone organic polymers, especially during processing.

Thioester antioxidants decompose and neutralize hydroperoxides formed through polymer oxidation. Thioesters are used to provide heat aging protection and to preserve color.

Aminic antioxidants help to preserve physical and surface properties, including color, and scorch and heat resistance.

Binary blends are a combination of a primary (phenolic) antioxidant and a secondary (phosphite) antioxidant for optimum stabilization during processing and service life.

Application specific antioxidants

SONGXTEND® antioxidant excellence for tailor-made applications

Our SONGXTEND® range of application specific antioxidants solves a number of the key issues our customers face during processing, conversion and end-use life cycles.

SONGXTEND® antioxidants:

Our highly advanced production processes and technology enable us to tailor our application specific antioxidants to specification.

Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS)

SABOSTAB® hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) neutralize harmful UV radiation

Hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) protect polymers from degradation due to UV exposure by neutralizing them. HALS regenerate during neutralization and continue to provide protection throughout the life of the end product. They also act as primary antioxidants with low color generation.

Monomeric HALS provide effective surface protection, while polymeric HALS protect the core of the material.

SONGWON has a long-term global distribution agreement for distribution of SABO HALS light stabilizers.
For more information, please visit www.sabo.com.

UV Absorbers & Hydroxybenzoates

SONGSORB® UV absorbers (UVAs) and hydroxybenzoates convert harmful UV light rays into heat

UV absorbers (UVAs) provide protection by absorbing energy from UV radiation and, through a reversible chemical rearrangement, dissipate the energy as heat. HALS and UVAs can be used together to achieve optimum UV protection.

Hydroxybenzoates are free radical scavengers that in some cases also act as UV absorbers. Hydroxybenzoates can perform synergistically with HALS to provide superior performance.

One Pack Systems (OPS)

SONGNOX® One Pack Systems (OPS) optimize customers' additivation operations

To help customers deal with the complexity of additivation, SONGWON offers flexible solutions, called “One Pack Systems”, consisting of a multi-component blend of additives integrated into a dust-free, pelletized form.

SONGNOX® OPS are 100% active additive blends, tailored from a wide range of additive products to meet customers’ needs. Homogeneous and highly accurate in composition, the pre-dispersed pellets can be easily processed into a polymer matrix. OPS help to optimize our customers’ compounding processes, improving dosing accuracy, minimizing dust, increasing process reliability and reducing quality control & logistics costs.

Thanks to their high consistency, OPS can be of particular value to a wide range of industries and applications where end-use specifications are critical. Additionally, OPS do not require the use of the carrier materials often needed where separate powder additives are combined.

SONGNOX® OPS product range

  • High melter blends Processing at lower temperature and reduced sheer stress
  • Low melter blends Tailored processing solutions
  • Nucleator & clarifier blends Improved re-dispersion
  • Highly loaded UV blends Robust processing of oligomeric HALS
  • Blends including liquid components Powders and liquids in one durable pellet

PDF Downloads

For expanded and extruded polystyrene containing polymeric flame retardants

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SONGNOX® 1330 - Versatile stabilizer for a wide range of polymer applications

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SONGXTEND® 2721 - Top-up, quality enhancing stabilization system for more sustainable PP recycled resins

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