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Long-lasting protection against degradation caused by light and heat

Used in a wide number of industries, coatings not only provide countless items with color and texture, but also enhance their appearance and prolong their life.

Light is one of the most important sources of damage to coatings. It triggers photo-oxidation, which typically results in discoloration, i.e., yellowing, or fading of colorants, for example in wall paints or inks. This ultimately leads to photo-degradation, causing additional surface defects, including loss of gloss, cracking and chalking.

Exposure of organic substrates to heat during processing steps, for example synthesis, mixing, extrusion and curing, or during high-temperature-baking cycles of coatings, also results in yellowing, as well as embrittlement and loss of mechanical properties such as tensile strength.

Degradation can be counteracted through the use of suitable light stabilizers. UV absorbers (UVAs) provide protection against photo-oxidation and degradation by soaking up harmful UV rays and converting them into heat. Hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS) inhibit polymer degradation by neutralizing free radicals and regenerate themselves in the process, so they continue to provide protection throughout the life of the product. Primary and secondary antioxidants (AOs) help to prevent degradation caused by the effects of heat during processing and service life. Photoinitiators are used to trigger radiation curing, an efficient process that makes coatings highly resistant, enabling them to provide particularly effective protection and enhance the appearance of numerous substrates, including plastics, wood and metal.

In order to protect coatings against the harmful effects of light and heat, SONGWON offers a comprehensive range of high-value, high-performance coating stabilizers such as hydroxyphenyl triazines (HPT) for numerous substrates, including steel, wood, ceramics, special composites, plastic films and plastic parts used in the inks, automotive and transportation, decorative and architectural, furniture and flooring, industrial and agricultural industries among others.

  • SONGNOX® CS Antioxidants (AOs)
  • SONGSORB® CS UV Absorbers (UVAs)
  • SONGSORB® CS Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS)
Coating Stabilizers

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