Plastic Additives for the Durable and Consumer Goods Industry & Market

Durable and Consumer Goods

Encountering plastics everywhere

Everywhere we look, we encounter plastics. Items made partly or entirely of plastic are used in the home and in industry, indoors and outdoors, on the ground, in the water, in the air and in space.

Much of the progress achieved in the electronics field, for example, would have been unthinkable without plastic. Advances in technology and additives have allowed the use of plastics on an ever-increasing sale in an ever wider variety of applications and industries.

Today, plastics often replace materials such as wood and metal, because they are lightweight, adaptable, hygienic and cost effective, and offer broad scope for design.

Making plastics last longer

In both manufacturing and end use, durability is an important consideration. Some goods need to be more durable than others. Cars, household appliances, clothes, furniture, consumer electronics, toys, tools, sporting goods, photographic equipment and jewelry, for example, are expected to last for several years at least, while consumables such as food, beverages and cosmetics require more limited durability.

To give plastics the required durability for the chosen application, they need additives for stabilization, because they are not inherently resistant to light and heat.

SONGWON is a leading manufacturing producer of additives and stabilizers for different component materials and works continuously on providing innovative solutions for the plastics market, investing highly in research and development.

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