Reasons to invest in SONGWON

Global manufacturing excellence – reliable supply

Using its proprietary technology, the company delivers the highest levels of quality and consistency together with security of supply.

Leveraging expertise & expanding business

With 50 years of industry experience, SONGWON understands the challenges its customers face daily. To help them meet the demand for consistent specialty and high-performance, quality polymers while curbing costs, SONGWON strives to offer a portfolio of 360° solutions that extend far beyond standard and offers one of the broadest ranges of products and physical forms in the industry.

Trust, transparency & compliance

SONGWON’s years of success and sustained value creation have been based on the organization’s ability to win the trust of its customers, investors and all its stakeholders. SONGWON has always strived to go beyond a mere and formal adherence to statutory obligations and embrace the spirit that lies at the core of corporate governance.

Identifying potential & seeking new opportunities

SONGWON creates value for customers in many ways, through its commitment to growth, innovation combined with sustainability, the way the company leverages its potential and continual pursuit of opportunities.

Strategy for Growth

From a regional supplier to global leader

In 2006, SONGWON’s leadership team had a vision to transform the company from being the only plastic additives manufacturer in Korea to a key global player in specialty chemicals.

Between 2006 and 2010 SONGWON directed its efforts on organic growth strategically aimed at the polymer stabilizer market, with the goal of becoming the global number two supplier. Strategic investments were made to support the accelerated growth target. Fully back integrated in alkyl phenols, the state-of-the-art antioxidants plant at Maeam, Korea, was established with a capacity of 25.000 MT and investments continued to further expand the plant’s antioxidant capacity to 15.000 MT.

Since 2011, SONGWON has focused on strengthening its global presence, increasing its manufacturing footprint, developing a more balanced and comprehensive portfolio, as well as identifying new potential business opportunities.

Growing from 268 Billion KRW (250 Million US$) in 2005 to 814.3 Billion KRW (703.7 Million US$) in 2019, has established SONGWON as one of the key global players in the specialty chemicals business and the co-leader worldwide in polymer additives.

SONGWON stock price

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My core belief in business is simply to make it happen for our customers, employees and stakeholders. We must remain committed, compliant and dedicated and strive to be 'best in class' for today's business needs and tomorrow's innovations.

Hans-Peter Wüest
Chief Financial Officer & Executive Board Member