Antioxidants for Fuel & Lubricants

Fuel and Lubricant Additives

Antioxidants protect lubricants and greases at high temperatures and extend engine oil drain intervals

As a manufacturer and supplier of fuel and lube oil additives, SONGWON offers an extensive range of phenolic, aminic, phosphite and thioester antioxidants for fuels and lubricants (lube oil), mainly in liquid form, and works together with customers to develop ongoing solutions.

With economy-of-scale production units in Korea, SONGWON is the largest producer and supplier of phenolic antioxidants in Asia, currently the region with the strongest growth in fuel and lubricant additives.

Backward integration of the key raw materials for phenolic antioxidants ensures reliability of supply and adds value in the production chain.

Lubricant additives

Lubricant additives

Lubricants are manufactured by refining and processing different crude oils or producing synthetic lube oils. These base stock oils are formulated with additives and used in the automobile, marine, aviation, railway and other industries.

Lubricants reduce friction in moving parts of machines and increase their durability and life span.

Antioxidants retard oxidation by reacting with the radicals produced in the engine oil and extend drain intervals. They also reduce viscosity, help to prevent deposits and foam formation, guard against corrosion, ensure low viscosity at low temperatures, protect oil at high temperatures, and eliminate contaminants.

Fuel Additives

Fuel additives as stabilizers

Biofuels, which are plant based, are renewable resources that produce less nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide and carbon dioxide than conventional fuels. As ever greater emphasis is placed on reducing reliance on crude oil, the use of ethanol and biodiesel blends is growing. As a fuel stabilizer small amounts of antioxidant can be added to biofuel to protect it against degradation.

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