Investing in technology to remain a leading player

Over the years, being a leading player in the chemical industry has become increasingly more challenging, as customers’ needs become more specific and complex. To ensure that we keep up and stay ahead of their evolving requirements, investing in technology & innovation at SONGWON is a top priority.

For 50 years, SONGWON has a proud record of bringing innovative solutions to the market. The company’s highly skilled and experienced chemists, engineers, analysts, and technicians are all involved in product development and work together to further expand SONGWON’s product portfolio.

Focusing on meeting customers’ needs, R&D contributes to providing innovative products, maintaining competitive pricing, continuously improving quality and providing a best-in-class level of regulatory affairs.

SONGWON achieves this by:

  • Relying on a solid base of dedicated internal resources which cover all aspects of innovation
  • Remaining open to, and encouraging creativity from all corners of the organization
  • Continually optimizing processes and back-integration
  • Having a structured approach in relation to external sources to complement and extend our knowledge

SONGWON has already established a number of strategic partnerships with key partners in specific areas of mutual interest and will continue to seek further opportunities in the future.

By leveraging our expertise, it is our goal to innovate and create, and further develop new business. Our plan is to become a sustainable organization whose target lies beyond just selling material to truly selling value.

Dongkyung (DK) Park, Leader Research & Development

Building & Construction

SONGXTEND® 1301 was developed to protect polymeric flame retardants in XPS applications.

Automotive compounding

SONGXTEND® 2124 was especially designed to meet the demand for glass-fiber re-enforced polypropylene which further reduces wall thickness and makes lighter design possible.

Automotive interiors

SABOSTAB® UV 228 50PP and SABOSTAB® UV 229 50PP with their excellent polyolefin stability and compatibility were developed to meet the automotive industry's stringent demands in terms of low VOC, fogging and blooming, as well as total carbon emission.

Agricultural films

SABOSTAB® UV 216 provides protection and extends the life of agricultural films, even when high levels of pesticides are used. SONGWON's products are also used in the production of greenhouse and mulch films which both reduce water consumption levels.

Coatings manufacturing

SONGSORB® CS 400 liquid triazine UV absorber was developed to allow the formulation of low-to-zero VOC coatings, while enhancing durability and substrate protection.


SONGXTEND® 2721 stabilizer improves the long-term thermal stability (LTTS) of recycled polypropylene compounds and was designed to meet the stringent European automotive OEMs' LTTS requirements for interior or under-the-hood applications.