Specialty Chemicals

Specialty chemicals are used for a wide range of industries and applications

As a specialty chemical company and industrial supplier a strong focus on research and innovation enables SONGWON to identify new opportunities and help customers in numerous sectors and industries to gain competitive edge.

Recent and upcoming developments include specialty chemicals for fast-moving industries such as electronic material and functional monomers for a wide variety of applications.

Electrical and Electronics

Bringing benefits to a fast-moving and demanding industry

In order to function, electrical and electronic devices require numerous different chemical products, while others are essential for their manufacture. These include indium tin oxide, pigments, photoinitiators and monomers as well as etching, solder-resist and photo-resist chemicals and separators, electrolyte, lithium salts and many more. Touch-panels are encountered in an ever-increasing number of digital devices, including smartphones, iPads and digital cameras.

Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) enhance image color and clarity and have allowed the development of flat screens. Printed circuit boards are today essential in a wide variety of applications such as consumer, industrial and medical electronics, telecommunications, aerospace and automotive. Research is being carried out to make batteries more powerful and longer-lasting. Advances in additives facilitate the use of plastics in a growing number of electrical and electronic applications, bringing benefits such as light weight, protection against electric charges, lower electricity consumption, easy cleaning and almost unlimited design options.

specialty chemicals for the electronics industry

Functional Monomers

Additional effects and optimized performance in processing and use

Specialty molecules known as functional monomers can provide a standard polymer with additional, enhanced performance effects and/or significantly improve processing performance when incorporated into the polymerization process.

SONGWON develops, manufactures and supplies different functional monomers based on three backbone chemistries:

  • DCPD (dicyclopentadiene) type
  • Bisphenol type
  • Fluorene type
Functional Monomers

SONGWON Functional Monomers are used in all epoxy resins, epoxy resin composites and polycarbonates applications – for example skis, wind turbine foils, electronic components, eyewear, glass replacement, aerospace applications, cars, and many more.

DCPD (dicyclopentadiene) type is mainly used as an epoxy resin modifier (ERM) in epoxy chain-extending reactions, primarily for the manufacture of epoxy composites.

Bisphenol type is used in the manufacture of numerous plastics and epoxy resins. Applications for bisphenol-based plastic, which is clear and tough, include a variety of common consumer goods, such as water bottles, sports equipment, CDs, and DVDs. Epoxy resins containing bisphenols are used to line water pipes and coatings, and in the manufacture of thermal paper, such as that used in sales receipts.

Fluorene type is highly suitable as components of a conducting polymer because they can stabilize and conduct a charge. The luminescent, electronic and absorptive properties of fluorene make it attractive for devices such as organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), organic solar cells, and organic thin-film sensors.

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