SONGWON invests in capacity expansion for semiconductor chemicals production

Publishing date: 19.11.2021

Today, Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd. announced that it is investing in expanding its chemical production capacity for semiconductors.

As the 4th Industrial Revolution progresses, demand for semiconductors is rising rapidly and with it, customer demand for high-end specialty chemicals and raw materials for IT industries (incl. semiconductors) as well as display materials is growing significantly. SONGWON’s capacity increase investment in the main chemicals used for producing semiconductors will deliver sufficient supply to meet the strong demand in this industry. Furthermore, SONGWON can expand its high-quality offering to customers in this industry and remain ahead of the market trend.

A new technically advanced production line is being built to enable SONGWON to achieve the capacities required to meet the evolving customer needs from January 2022. “We’re aiming to expand our electronic material business, and in particular semiconductor related materials,” explains Dongkyung (DK) Park, Leader Business Unit Specialty Chemicals and Leader Global Research & Development. “Moving upstream with backward integration which is one of SONGWON’s main strengths, we will be maximizing our know-how and optimizing our technology to help us to secure the best quality from the raw materials and for the final products.”