We are an industrial supplier of chemical products for a wide variety of sectors & industries, including the packaging, automotive, building & construction, agriculture, textiles and fibers, coatings, adhesives, durable & consumer goods, lubricants, and electric and electronic industries.

Polymer Stabilizers

To prevent degradation when exposed to heat, cold and uv-light, plastics require stabilization. Specially designed plastic stabilizers protect the polymer during processing and ensure that plastic end products retain their physical properties during use, prolonging their life.

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Fuel & Lubes Antioxidants

Additives are essential for lubrication and prolonged use of oil in engines and gearboxes. Antioxidants retard oxidation by reacting with the radicals produced in the engine oil and extend drain intervals. They also reduce viscosity, help to prevent deposits and foam formation, guard against corrosion, ensure low viscosity at low temperatures, protect oil at high temperatures, and eliminate contaminants.

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Tin Intermediates, PVC Additives, and Polymers

A number of SONGWON’s businesses are grouped under TPP, which stands for Tin Intermediates, PVC Additives and Specialty Polymers

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Specialty Chemicals

Strong focus on research and innovation enables SONGWON to identify new opportunities and help customers in numerous sectors gain competitive edge. Recent and upcoming developments include specialty chemicals for fast-moving industries such as electronics, as well as coating additives and functional monomers for a wide variety of applications.

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Our Products

SONGWON, the second largest manufacturer & supplier of polymer stabilizers in the world, offers one of the broadest ranges of specialty chemicals. We provide chemical products for a wide variety of sectors & industries, including the packaging, automotive, building & construction, agriculture, textiles and fibers, coatings, adhesives, durable & consumer goods, lubricants, and electric and electronic industries.

Customers around the world benefit from SONGWON’s state-of-the art manufacturing facilities with back-integration of key raw materials and recently extended blending units. Our strong focus on innovation allows us to fulfill constantly changing requirements, while our expertise enables us to help our customers meet the demands of their various industries.

To find out more about the different groups and the industries for which they are designed, simply use our Product Finder or read Our expertise articles on specific applications.

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