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Electrical and Electronics

Creating seamless connections in a fast-moving sector

Racing forward at breath-taking speed, the electrical and electronics field is becoming ever more sophisticated and streamlined. Rapid progress in the sector is accelerating communication and facilitating connection.

Accelerating progress in a dynamic sector

In order to function, electrical and electronical devices require numerous different chemical products, while others are essential for their production. SONGWON has been a pioneer in recognizing the importance of this industry, starting as early as 2012 with the industrial production of monomers with highest chemical purity for semiconductor manufacturing. Since then, continuous innovation driven by this fast-moving market has led to a portfolio of new products, applied in manufacturing of state-of-the-art display and touch panels, in design and production of Integrated Circuits (IC) and in printed circuit boards enabling new 5G communication protocol.

Photolithography – a universal tool for the electronic industry

SONGWON is producing highest purity monomers which are being used in the production of resins. These resins find their way into light-sensitive coatings, so called photoresists, which are used to structure a polymer by selectively allowing the light to pass thru a mask. Very high resolution requires highest purity of all chemicals involved, e.g. in the nanometer scale pattern of ArF and EUV lithography.

Based on SONGWON’s own proprietary polymerization technology, we have developed a set of resins based on polyhydroxystyrene. Despite commercial products for i-line and KrF photoresists, we have specialized in creating tailormade copolymers to meet specific customer’s needs, not only in more advanced semiconductor production, but also in structuring displays and touch panels.

Another important component of photoresists are photosensitive components, which interact with the radiation to form active species like radicals, strong acids or strong bases. SONGWON excels here again with highest purity photoacidgenerators for competitive prices by industrial production scale. This makes chemically amplified resists attractive even for cost sensitive applications, like display or sensors. But also, photoinitiators are part of the electronic chemical product line for e.g. solder masks, display resists and clearcoats.

During the last five years, photolithography was also commercially introduced in IC packaging, allowing IC stacks to grow into the third dimension and creating a much smaller footprint of the whole IC on the circuit board, replacing lead frames and bonding wires. With our high-performance monomers and PHS based resins, we enable high temperature- and acid-resistant patterning.

As renowned producer of UV absorbers and antioxidants, we supply a number of totally transparent, easy soluble and colorless UV absorbers covering the whole range of the UV spectra, being applied in temperature resistant optical films, which are an inevitable part of today’s and tomorrow’s displays.

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