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Ever higher performance is required of motors and machinery as a result of increasingly stringent emission regulations as well as the industry demands for fuel efficiency and durability of vehicles and equipment.

Lubricants are crucial to achieving today’s standards. They keep moving components of motors apart, reduce friction between them, transmit power, heat or cool surfaces, help to flush away contaminants and foreign particles, and prevent corrosion and wear. In other words, they prolong the useful life of vehicles. They also help to reduce consumption of oils and other fuels.

Manufactured by refining and processing different base oils, lubricants are used in the automobile, marine, aviation and railway industries as well as in machinery and equipment for construction and much more.

Environmental considerations and the current focus on green technologies are attracting attention to biolubricants and biofuels derived from plants and animals. Plant-based lubricants include canola, castor, palm, sunflower seed and rapeseed oil, while lanolin is one of the animal oils used.

Additives are used in small quantities to extend the life of lubricants, reduce viscosity, prevent deposits and foam formation, control viscosity and increase resistance to temperature fluctuations. Antioxidants are particularly important additives, because they prolong the life of oils, lubricants and fuels, both on the shelf and in use.

As a leading chemistry supplier for the fuel and lubricant industry, SONGWON develops, manufactures and supplies additives, especially antioxidants for lubricants and fuels that provide protection at high temperatures and extend engine oil drain intervals.

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