SONGWON presents its high-performance additives at NPE 2024

Publishing date: 22.04.2024

Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd., is showcasing at the National Plastics Exhibition (NPE) 2024 from May 6th -10th. At Booth S11203, visitors can explore SONGWON's comprehensive range of high-performance additives that protect a wide range of polymers and end-products, particularly against the degrading effects of high temperatures and solar radiation.

“Base polymers can be highly susceptible to oxidation, heat, light and other environmental factors, which can greatly affect their stability during processing as well as their long-term performance, especially in demanding applications. However, our specialized stabilization products are specially designed to counteract these effects and increase the durability of polymers,” said Robert Seeley, Senior Sales Manager for Polymer Stabilizers at SONGWON in the Americas. “SONGWON's backward integration and strong local presence in the U.S. which includes a major, state-of-the-art plant ensure supply security and exceptional technical support for our customers. We are pleased to be showcasing our broad portfolio of innovative stabilizers at this year’s NPE and most importantly, highlighting SONGWON’s commitment to plastics industry customers.”

Meeting customer needs

SONGWON has a long history of innovation which has been driven by closely listening to customers and transforming their needs into consistent, high-quality additive products. Through advanced technology and increased production capacity, we've expanded our product range to help plastic suppliers and converters to meet diverse challenges across competitive markets. SONGWON manufactures a full range of primary, secondary and thioester antioxidants (AO), UV absorbers (UVA) and hindered amine light absorbers (HALS) in solid and liquid forms. Latest additions include SONGNOX® AO and SONGSORB® UVA products that offer more advanced performance properties compared to others in the market.

Enhanced hydrolytic stability

Enhancing hydrolytic stability, SONGNOX® 9228 is a secondary diphosphite-based antioxidant that overcomes the limitations of conventional phosphite or phosphonite AO products by enhancing the resistance of polyolefins to oxidative corrosion, especially at high processing temperatures. Furthermore, the new antioxidant delivers excellent color protection in Cr-type high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP) and engineering resins.

SONGNOX® 9228 blends well with primary antioxidants and other stabilizers. As a modified version with a small fraction of tri-isopropanol amine, SONGNOX® 9228T brings these valuable performance features to SONGWON’s solid phosphite product range which are ideal for masterbatch suppliers. Both AO grades are ideally suited for a wide range of packaging, agriculture, building & construction as well as home & personal care applications.

Extended service life

SONGSORB® 1164 is one of the latest additions to SONGWON’s UVA offering and a complement to SONGWON's triazine-based UV absorbers for polymers portfolio. Compared to conventional benzotriazole products, it can extend the service life of end-products made from polyolefins and engineering plastics exposed to outdoor weathering. SONGSORB® 1164 was specially developed to maximize the UV stability of polyolefins intended for use in food-contact packaging applications.

Focus on sustainability

At NPE 2024, SONGWON will also present several specialized additive solutions, such as its SONGNOX® binary blends of primary and secondary antioxidants, which enhance the process and application stability of mechanically recycled and bio-based polymers without compromising their sustainability. Additional highlights will include an innovative range of stabilizers designed to optimize the performance, efficiency and sustainability of coatings for numerous different polymer substrates. These include the SONGSORB® CS 400 series of UV absorbers and SONGSORB® CS AQ01 HALS for waterborne coatings, both based on advanced hydroxyphenyl triazine (HPT) technology.

SONGWON’s global and local specialists will be at NPE 2024, Booth S11203 from May 6th -10th and look forward to discussing how SONGWON’s high-performance additives and services can help you optimize the value and sustainability of your products.

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