SONGWON presents its broad range of sustainable additives at NPE 2024

Publishing date: 29.04.2024

Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd., one of the largest manufacturers of polymer stabilizers in the world and a key global specialty chemicals player, will be exhibiting at the National Plastics Exposition (NPE) 2024 in Orlando, Florida. Over the 5-day event, SONGWON will highlight its commitment as a leading provider of high-performance additives and services designed to help customers in the plastics industry optimize the sustainability of their products.

“Although significant progress has been made in reducing the carbon footprint of plastics and improving their circularity through advances in polymer chemistry, there remains a need for a comprehensive approach that includes appropriate additive packages for recycled plastics. SONGWON has anticipated the rapidly growing demand for polymer additives to bolster the stability and durability of recycled materials. During the NPE 2024, we are highlighting our broad range of solutions that maintain mechanical properties, optimize cost-efficiency and enhance long-term heat resistance, thereby advancing the sustainability of plastic applications,” explained Thomas Schmutz, Director Leader of Technology, Regulatory Affairs & Sustainability at SONGWON.

Sustainability as a service

In addition to its broad portfolio of sustainable products, SONGWON has 9 Technical Service Centers strategically located around the globe, providing dedicated expertise and local close-to-the-customer support. Alongside proactive market research and advancements in circular polymers, SONGWON has significantly increased the availability of life cycle assessments (LCAs) for its core products. Using a comprehensive methodology that encompasses sourcing, energy usage and carbon emissions, the LCA data serves as a valuable tool for comparing the global warming potential of products. It also helps identifying optimization opportunities and/or additives with lower environmental impacts that contribute to more sustainable end products.

Sustainability through mechanical recycling

In response to the growing demand for circular plastics, SONGWON has developed a pragmatic re-stabilization technology for materials with mechanical recycled post-consumer content (PCR). At the NPE 2024, the company is presenting its SONGNOX® Binary Antioxidant Blends, developed to improve the process and thermal stability of PCR-based polyolefins. These enable recyclers to offer materials with improved melt flow, durable mechanical properties and enhanced cost-efficiency. Similar solutions for other polymers with PCR content are also in the pipeline to further support the plastics industry’s successful transition to a truly circular economy.

Sustainability across the organization

At SONGWON, sustainability is embedded in the way we think about and approach every aspect of our business, from operational efficiency to product development and employee engagement to ethical leadership and partnership. In 2023, SONGWON expanded its alignment with 13 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, 5 more than in 2022. In addition, the company developed a comprehensive carbon reduction roadmap with the aim of achieving net-zero neutrality with regard to Scope 1 (direct) and Scope 2 (indirect) emissions across all its operations which includes major improvements in process efficiency, innovative technology and a significant increase in the use of renewable energy.

Sustainability with maximum transparency

SONGWON's commitment to transparency and accountability has always gone beyond just complying with statutory obligations. As a global leader, SONGWON is firmly committed to maximizing the transparency of its environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting. For example, the company has initiated a project aimed at enhancing its reporting across ESG aspects in preparation for disclosure requirements as per IFRS Sustainability standards, which are expected to be adopted by KSSB (Korea Sustainability Standards Board) and likely to be mandatory for SONGWON starting from 2027.

SONGWON’s global and local specialists will be at NPE 2024, Booth S11203 from May 6th -10th and look forward to discussing how SONGWON’s high-performance additives and services can help you optimize the value and sustainability of your products.

To discover more about sustainability at SONGWON see and the Sustainability Brochure.