SONGWON's Culture

Our commitment to sustainability unites us

With everything we do, we think about how it relates to people and the environment. Being a successful organization is not just about SONGWON’s performance and achievements but about acting in a responsible, ethical and law-abiding way. For us, it’s important that our employees feel engaged and proud of being a part of a company that has the highest standards of integrity, passionately protects its people and acknowledges their valuable contribution.

Highly responsible culture

Our inherent sense of responsibility begins from within and is demonstrated by how we respectfully behave towards each other and all of our stakeholders, as well as how we really live SONGWON’s values on a daily basis. A fundamental part of our corporate culture is making sure that our employees diligently follow SONGWON’s rules of business engagement with regard to external legislation and regulations, as well as our guidelines and the internal control documentation required by law.

How SONGWON values and supports employees at all levels:


By providing an environment for innovating, contributing and collaborating


By inspiring innovative creativity and entrepreneurial team spirit


By creating the “room” for expressing ideas and opinions


By granting the “space” for taking responsibility & decision-­making


By applauding diversity & unique perspectives


By establishing an open atmosphere for honest 2-­way communication & trust-building


By stimulating individual development, learning & realizing full potential


By commending efforts, hard work & achievements

Code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct is a clear summary of SONGWON’s values, ethical principles, compliance with laws, rules and regulations, and also contains internal guidelines and procedures.