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Annual Report 2021


2021 was an exceptionally challenging and complex year. Since COVID-19 appeared in 2020, SONGWON Industrial Group has adapted well to the new operating environment across the globe, with the businesses demonstrating resilience and SONGWON’s global team showing remarkable agility, discipline and dedi...

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SONGWON announces new Chairman and changes to its Board


Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd., today announced that Mr. Dongbek Park was appointed as new outside Director of the Board of Directors at SONGWON’s Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting held in Ulsan, Korea, on March 18. In its subsequent Board meeting, the Board of Directors appointed Dongbek Park as S...

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SONGWON Industrial Group delivers strong result for FY 2021


SONGWON Industrial Group today released its financial results for FY 2021. In Q4/2021, revenues continued to grow and totaled 283,475 Million KRW on December 31, 2021, marking a 39.1% increase when compared to the same quarter of 2020 (Q4/2020: 203,843 Million KRW). The net profit of 26,100 Million ...

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SONGWON reports robust Q3 2021 results


SONGWON Industrial Group today released its financial results for the 3rd quarter of 2021. During Q3/2021, the Group achieved consolidated sales of 260,137 Million KRW marking a 33.2% rise in revenue over sales recorded in the same quarter of the previous year (195,237 Million KRW). The Group report...

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