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SONGWON’s distribution partnership with MegaChem expanded


Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd. announced today that it has expanded its distribution partnership with MegaChem. Since September 2019, MegaChem has been the exclusive distributor of SONGWON’s antioxidants for fuels and lubricants in the ASEAN region. On the back of the success in these countries, SONGW...

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SONGWON Industrial Group announces Financial Results for Q1/2021


SONGWON Industrial Group today released its audited financial results for the 1st quarter of the year, ended March 31st, 2021. Following the surge in demand observed at the end of 2020, especially from customers in Asia, SONGWON entered the new fiscal year positively with demand continuing to rise a...

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SONGWON establishes new entity in China


Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd., announces the establishment of its new business entity in China, Songwon International-Qingdao Co., Ltd. The new organization will ensure that SONGWON remains well-positioned to continue providing customers in this important strategic region with high quality products a...

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Annual Report 2020


For the full year ended December 31, 2020, SONGWON achieved stable results which reflect the value of its high-performance solutions combined with its manufacturing and service excellence across a broad range of markets. ...

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SONGWON Industrial Group reports stable results for FY 2020


SONGWON Industrial Group today released its financial results for FY 2020. During Q4/2020, revenues recovered and amounted to 203,843 Million KRW on December 31, 2020, marking a 3.4% increase compared to the same quarter of 2019. SONGWON recorded overall consolidated sales of 807,768 Million KRW for...

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SONGWON further streamlines its leadership structure


Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd. the 2nd largest manufacturer of polymer stabilizers in the world, and key global player in the specialty chemicals business announced today that it has made further changes to its leadership structure to streamline the company moving forward. ...

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