Heat stabilizers for flexible suspension PVC

Publishing date: 24.10.2018

If you are producing PVC using extrusion or calendering processes, SONGWON's new range of efficient BaZn heat stabilizers might interest you.

The newly launched SONGSTAB™ BZ-500 and SONGSTAB™ BZ-501 bring high heat stability to flexible suspension PVC, while meeting today’s stringent EHS requirements. SONGSTAB™ BZ-501 contains no poly-tert-butyl benzoic acid (pTBBA) and SONGSTAB™ BZ-500 also contains no free phenol. These properties make them suitable for calendering and extrusion of flexible substrates such as flooring, packaging, advertizing film and hoses.

You can find further information in our technical leaflet and our experts are always happy to answer your questions.