Top-up, quality enhancing stabilization system for more sustainable PP recycled resins

Publishing date: 15.10.2019

Would you like to enhance the quality of recycled plastic automotive parts?

SONGWON has developed SONGXTEND® 2721 to enable recycled polypropylene to be reused and high durability achieved in automotive applications. This high-performance stabilization system improves the long-term heat stability (LTTS) of both vehicle-interior and under-the-hood recycled parts, thereby extending their service life.

Concentration levels can be adjusted to meet the long-term heat stability requirements of applications such as engine room covers, cable ducts, battery housing and more. Besides increasing durability, SONGXTEND® 2721 helps to minimize the negative effect of acid residues from battery case recycling.

SONGWON offers manufacturers expert support in the selection of suitable stabilization systems, independent of the source and quality of the recycled polypropylene.

You can find further information in our technical leaflet and our experts are always happy to answer your questions.