SONGWON launches new, high end UV absorbers for demanding coatings applications

Publishing date: 15.11.2017

SONGWON is expanding its range of ultraviolet absorbers (UVAs) for high performance coatings and is now launching two new products, SONGSORB® CS 400 and SONGSORB® CS 384-2. The two UVAs can both be used in combination with a hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS) such as SONGSORB® CS AQ01, which was introduced at this year’s European Coatings Show.

“The new UVAs provide coatings with outstanding protection against degradation due to high temperatures during processing and environmental impact during use. They therefore help to prolong the life of end products such as vehicles,” said Rosanna Telesca, Leader, Market Center Coatings at SONGWON.

SONGSORB® CS 400 is a liquid hydroxyphenyl triazine (HPT) UV absorber with very high thermal stability and outstanding resistance in coatings exposed to high bake cycles and/or extreme external conditions. With its hydroxy functionality, SONGSORB® CS 400 minimizes migration and provides coatings with high photostability for long-term performance. The molecule is designed to ensure high performance and durability in water- and solvent-borne as well as 100% solids automotive and industrial finishes. Its color and stability make SONGSORB® CS 400 the UVA of choice for all coatings that require low color. It is suitable for use in amine and/or metal catalyzed coatings and coatings applied on basecoats or substrates containing such catalysts because it does not interfere with them.

SONGWON is also complementing its existing liquid benzotriazole range of UVAs. SONGSORB® CS 384-2 is designed for high performance coatings that meet the durability requirements of automotive coatings and provide top quality finishes. It protects base coats as well as both wood and plastic substrates very efficiently against ultraviolet radiation. Outstanding thermal stability and resistance to environmental impacts make it an excellent choice for coatings exposed to high bake cycles and/or extreme weather conditions. With its liquid form, SONGSORB® CS 384-2 is suitable for incorporation in waterborne and in most common solvent systems.

Both SONGSORB® CS 400 and SONGSORB® CS 384-2 can be used in combination with a HALS such as SONGSORB® CS 292 or SONGSORB® CS AQ01 to obtain synergistic effects that protect coatings still better against gloss reduction, cracking, blistering, delamination and color change.

SONGWON continues to bring new ideas and products to the coatings market, offering a wide range of UVAs, HALS and antioxidants (AOs) designed to cover all thermal and light stability requirements. The company invests highly in coatings R&D and provides customers all over the world with technical support, helping them to find the best solutions for their needs.