SONGWON at the American Coatings Show

Publishing date: 05.04.2022

Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd., is taking part in the American Coatings Show (ACS) at the Indiana Convention Center in the U.S. city of Indianapolis from April 5-7.

The ACS is considered the largest trade event for suppliers to the paint & coatings and ink industries in North America. It brings together leading suppliers in the field, from key raw materials e.g. of pigments, resins and additives to testing and production equipment players as well as major distributors.

It is the 2nd time for SONGWON to be at ACS which is usually held every 2 years but was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic. SONGWON’s Business Units Coatings and Tin Intermediates/PVC are participating in this years’ show where they will be highlighting the company’s expertise and high-performance portfolio as well as confirming SONGWON’s commitment to the North American coatings industry.

Combining comprehensive customer service and technical support with a regional warehouse and the expansion of its strong distribution network, SONGWON is well-positioned to serve its North American customers. Participating in the ACS offers a platform for its strong industry-experienced team to meet key customers but most importantly, to highlight that SONGWON is doing its best to ensure a stable supply to this important market despite the currently turbulent global environment.

“We are looking forward to engaging with customers and distributors at the ACS and presenting our smart triazine and polymeric HALS (Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers) solutions for demanding applications, particularly water borne ones,” says Rosanna Telesca, Leader Business Unit Coatings. “Our aim is to meet and exceed the needs of our North American coatings customers by offering a range of customizable products that deliver superior properties over others in the market.”

SONGWON is a global leader in tin oxide stabilizers. It has responded to market growth and strengthened its position by investing in additional DOTO (Di-Octyl Tin Oxide) production capacity which is mainly sold in the Electrostatic Automotive Coatings market and as an intermediate for other octyl tin catalysts. Commenting, Arie Kooij, Leader Business Unit Tin Intermediates/PVC, said: “The ACS offers us a good opportunity to highlight to customers in the North American automotive coatings market that SONGWON is able to meet their needs and particularly the increased demand for DOTO.”

For more information, please visit SONGWON at Stand 1748 at the ACS.

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