SONGWON announces new Chairman and changes to its Board

Publishing date: 18.03.2022

Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd., today announced that Mr. Dongbek Park was appointed as new outside Director of the Board of Directors at SONGWON’s Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting held in Ulsan, Korea, on March 18. In its subsequent Board meeting, the Board of Directors appointed Dongbek Park as SONGWON’s new Chairman of the Board.

Born in South-Korea in 1944, Dongbek Park has extensive experience in the global chemical industry. Before retiring in 2014, he worked for many years for Songwon Industrial Group in various senior management positions.

Dongbek Park takes over from the previous Chairman, Jongho Park, who will continue to serve as a member of the Board of Directors. “We are very pleased to have Dongbek Park joins us as Chairman of our Board,” said Jongho Park, CEO and former Chairman. “We welcome his broad background and vast experience in the industry, which will allow us to further strengthen the SONGWON Group.”

SONGWON’s Board of Directors now consists of 4 Directors: Dongbek Park, newly elected Chairman and outside Director, as well as the 3 executive Board members and inside Directors, Jongho Park, Hans-Peter Wüest and Choung-Sik Kim.

SONGWON’s Board of Directors thanks the former members of the Board, Dieter Morath, Markus Oppliger and Gerhard Schlosser for their many years of dedication and commitment to SONGWON.