SONGNOX® L670 - Nonylated diphenylamine antioxidant for cutting edge protection and security

Publishing date: 07.08.2017

Are you looking to boost the performance of lubricants and greases in automotive or industrial applications?

Discover our new antioxidant, SONGNOX® L670, which can be used together with SONGNOX® L135 to stabilize automotive, engine and gear oils as well as greases; for both mineral and synthetic oils. Our customers can benefit from a new, value-enhancing synergistic combination of these two products. They belong to the range of cutting-edge aminic and phenolic antioxidants produced by SONGWON to meet the needs of the fuels and lubricants industry. SONGNOX® L670 and SONGNOX® L135 are both manufactured at our world-class facility in Asia. Simply open the below link to find out more.