SONGWON upgraded its interactive Product Finder

Publishing date: 10.01.2019

Our aim at SONGWON is to bring value to the industry through the products and services that we offer our customers. To facilitate your choice of products and processes, we have upgraded our interactive Product Finder.

Here’s how we’ve improved our web-based services

In addition to calling up documents relating to individual products, users with access rights can now obtain all key information online, including Technical Data Sheets (TDS), Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Regulatory Data Sheets (RDS). 

Detailed information, rapid browsing, interactive functionality

The site provides the principal product data ‒ including chemical structure and CAS Nos., characteristics and use, industries and suitable applications, substrates and manufacturing processes ‒ as well as links to in-depth information.

Navigation is simple and speedy: users can, for instance, switch at a click to related products via the links provided. The relevant information can be downloaded and/or printed in a reader-friendly format. 

Your gateway to the world of SONGWON products and services

These improvements are designed to smooth your path through products discovery and help you achieve the results you require. Besides providing specific product data, the system offers useful functions, such as the creation of hyperlinks to other web pages.

More improvements on the way

At SONGWON we are committed to continuously enhancing the services we offer our customers, to facilitating their interaction with us and with each other, and to being a trusted partner. The Product Finder is the first step toward improved web-based services. To provide you with even more support in your journey through our world, we envisage further additions to our Product Finder pages in the near future.