Annual Report 2017

Publishing date: 23.03.2018

2017 was another good year for SONGWON Industrial Group, proving that our reliable business model delivers very solid results. Although not at the same level as 2016, this year’s outcomes were achieved in a far more challenging environment and demonstrate SONGWON’s resilience and ability to continue to deliver a good performance for shareholders.

SONGWON generated consolidated revenues of 724.9 Billion KRW with a 4.4% increase year-over-year, and a consolidated net profit of 34.7 Billion KRW, compared to a net profit of 42.2 Billion KRW in 2016. The Group’s operating profit reached 54.5 Billion KRW in comparison to 76.4 Billion KRW in 2016, while EBITDA performance was around 12.0% of sales compared to 16.4% of sales in 2016.

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