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SONGWON, K 2022에서 새로운 기계적 재활용 방식 선보여


세계 2위 폴리머 안정제 제조업체이자 특수화학 제품군 비즈니스를 선도하는 글로벌 기업 Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd.는 K 2022에서 폴리올레핀(PO)의 기계적 재활용 안정화를 위한 최신 방식을 선보여 업계에 지속 가능한 솔루션을 제공하려는 자사의 의지를 재확인한다. ...

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Come WeChat with us!


At SONGWON, we’re always seeking to build and sustain strong connections with customers in every region. That’s why we’ve just relaunched our WeChat account in China. ...

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Smart solutions for high-performance coating applications


Did you know that blends of stabilizers work in synergy to give effects that are greater than those of the individual products added together?  SONGSORB® CS B and SONGNOX® CS B, SONGWON’s new stabilizer blends of UV absorbers, light stabilizers and antioxidants for coatings, can be supplied in...

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