SONGWON to demonstrate a broad range of automotive solutions at the VDI Congress in Mannheim

발행 일자 13.03.2013

SONGWON Industrial Group (, the second largest manufacturer of polymer stabilizers in the world, and a leading global supplier of additives and other chemicals to the plastic industry, is once again to participate in the VDI Plastics in Automotive Engineering Congress in Mannheim, Germany (March 13-14, 2013). SONGWON’s additives play an important role in automotive applications by improving processing parameters and increasing the properties of plastic parts in all vehicles.

“SONGWON has an enormous contribution to make to the automotive industry”, stated Joachim Bayer, Director of Global Technical Service and New Product Commercialization at SONGWON. “The polymer penetration per vehicle increases year on year as carmakers strive to reduce weight. Additives are an essential part of the plastic materials that go to make up each and every application, whether it is to improve processing or to boost properties. In many cases, the base polymers are incapable of meeting the very tough and exacting specifications required in the automotive world. Our additives make the difference between meeting or failing the specifications. This year we have an exciting portfolio of offerings on show at VDI. One Pack Systems (OPS) are ideal for compounders and molders that want to work with certified and extremely consistent, tailor made additive solutions. Our first plant in Greiz, Germany has been doubled in volume to 14.000 metric tons and we are pleased to announce that a second facility will start producing an additional 7.000 metric tons in Houston, USA in April of this year.”

Elena Scaltritti, who has recently been appointed the Director of Sales for Europe, continued: “The automotive industry is very critical when it comes to appearance and durability. We have extended our range of light stabilizers with HALS (Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers) in an agreement with Sabo of Italy such that we can meet the increasing demands of our customers. SONGWON will continue to invest in products and volumes based on fully back integrated, volume driven manufacturing to ensure that we can continue to offer economically unbeatable, tailor made solutions of the highest quality and with the best service. VDI is an excellent platform to demonstrate the critical role we play in today’s automotive applications and how we can contribute to improving the performance of polymers in the future.”

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