SONGWON at K 2019

Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd., the 2nd largest manufacturer of polymer stabilizers in the world and a key global specialty chemicals player has been showcasing its broad portfolio of high-performance solutions and launching its new range of flame-retardants. The industry leader will also underlined its commitment to its strategy of creating value and contributing to advancement in the plastics industry.  


SONGWON’s new product family of flame retardants

At K2019, in response to the vivid opportunities offered by the global flame retardants market on the back of the increased demand for flame retardant chemicals in a wide number of end use industries, SONGWON has leveraged its expertise in additives and launched its new family of products.


Customer-focused innovation

Always upholding its strategy and keeping a close eye on major global issues and trends related to plastics, SONGWON continues to deliver focused and targeted solutions. The organization invests in new technology to ensure it continues to reliably deliver customers new solutions that


Confirming commitment to the plastics industry

In addition to demonstrating its latest developments, SONGWON will be highlighting its sustainability strategy and shining a light on the innovation strength and world-class expertise behind its real-world solutions. Positioning itself as an enabler of circularity and a supporter of the transition of the plastics industry from a linear to circular economy, the organization will underline its dedication to sustainable development. 

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At K 2019, SONGWON has launched an entirely new family of flame-retardant synergists based on a proprietary technology.

With their synergistic effects, the SONGFLAME flame retardant (FR) family of products was designed to provide high performance and competitive advantages in a broad range of applications, as well as fuel the growth of halogen-free solutions for a wide variety of materials, ranging from foams to various polymers such as polyolefins, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). SONGFLAME technology is also recommended for thermosets, wood, coatings and adhesive applications.

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K2019 is coming to a close but SONGWON’s journey continues.

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With our broad portfolio, we’ll still be with you every day and touching lives all over the world… whether in homes, transportation, industry, agriculture, packaging or many other areas.

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