SONGWON at K 2019

For more than 50 years, SONGWON has been adding value for customers, consumers, society and future generations. With one of the broadest portfolios in the market, we touch lives all over the world every day, in homes, transportation, industry, agriculture, medicine and many other areas.

Our 360° range of customizable solutions extends far beyond standard sustainable products and enables manufacturers to meet the demands of today’s industries and consumers. Well-known in the market as an innovative industrial trailblazer, SONGWON’s strong tradition, expertise and vision have made us the global leader in specialty chemicals we are today.

Using our long-standing experience, we have constantly widened our portfolio, wich now includes plastic stabilizers in the form of additives for polyolefins and other polymers, tin intermediates, products that protect fuels and lubricants from degradation, and flame-retardant systems, all of which help to enhance performance, cost efficiency and sustainability during processing and end use.

At K 2019 we look forward to demonstrating SONGWON's steadfast, long-term commitment to our customers and to the plastics industry.



At K 2019, SONGWON will be launching an entirely new family of flame-retardant synergists based on a proprietary technology designed to combine high performance with safety and sustainability. These products complement our range and can be used in conjunction with our polymer stabilizers, thermoplastic urethanes and coatings solutions, for example.

SONGWON press conference at K 2019

Friday, October 18, 09.00 – 10.00 am

Conference Centre, Room 7B, 1st floor, CCD South

Polymer Stabilizers

SONGWON is a leading polymer manufacturer that supplies a comprehensive range of processing, heat and UV-light stabilizers as additives for plastics in a variety of blends and physical forms designed to facilitate handling and application. Our additives for polymers include antioxidants, stabilizer solutions, hindered amine light stabilizers and UV absorbers, and we offer both individual products and one pack systems.

Fuel & Lubes Additives

Besides plastic stabilizers, we develop, produce and supply additives for fuels and lubricants, which are essential for fuel economy and prolonged use of oil in engines and gearboxes. SONGWON antioxidants retard oxidation by reacting with the radicals produced in engine oil, thereby protecting fuels, lubricants and greases at high temperatures and extending engine oil drain intervals.

PVC Additives, TIN Intermediates & Specialty Polymers

PVC Stabilizers and Plasticizers for the global PVC manufacturing industry provide protection against damage caused by heat and during processing, for example in lubrication systems.

Tin Intermediates are designed for coating industry applications such as automotive paints, glass and tin coatings, as well as for catalysts used in various plastics.

Specialty polymers include thermoplastic polyurethanes, urethane ink binders laminating adhesives and polyester diols. They enable outstanding performance to be achieved in a broad range of demanding applications such as wire & cables, films, printing inks, packaging and hygiene articles.

Specialty Chemicals

Products such as light stabilizers, photoinitiators, functional monomers and others are widely used for a broad variety of electronics and coatings applications.

Looking back at K 2016 and forward to K 2019

SONGWON presented its complete portfolio of products and a wide range of diverse solutions at K 2016

Post Date: 26.10.2016

Take a look back at how it was in 2016, and get ready to experience the incredible atmosphere for yourself at K 2019!

SONGWON successfully showcased its commitment to innovation at K 2016. Find out more about about its expertise at K 2019!

Post Date: 23.10.2016

SONGWON’s ability to work closely with customers to create solutions that meet today’s demands and its strong R&D activities are key to its success. At K 2016, SONGWON presented its high-performance, long-term thermal stabilizers (LTTS) - a full range for unfilled and talc- or glass-filled polypropylene, including SONGXTEND® 2124, which provides a cost-efficient alternative to the existing available solutions. During the fair, the company announced plans to further strengthen its R&D activities by opening a new Technical Excellence Center at Maeam – one its world-class mancufacturing facilities in Korea. SONGWON also revealed that it had won a 2016 New Product Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan for its commitment to innovation. Get a glimpse at the R&D excellence behind the tailor-made solutions. SONGWON will be showing even more at K 2019!

At K 2016, SONGWON launched its new corporate image and presented a wide range of high performance solutions. See it happen!

Post Date: 22.10.2016

SONGWON has grown from being the only plastic additives manufacturer in Korea when it was founded in 1965 to become a global leader in the development, production and supply of specialty chemicals today. At K 2016, SONGWON launched its new brand and visual identity to underline and underscore its evolution from a high-quality supplier of polymer stabilizers supplier to a leading player in specialty chemicals, including fuel and lubricant additives, tin intermediates, PVC stabilizers, coating solutions and flame-retardant systems. And there’s lots more to see at K 2019!

SONGWON at K 2016 – the world's largest and most important trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry. Take a look at what was. There’s more to come at K 2019!

Post Date: 19.10.2016

SONGWON’s experts look forward to meeting you at K 2019 in Düsseldorf, Germany from October 16th - 23rd.