Andrew Green | CEO | bpi group

Leaving the world in a better shape

Leaving the world in a better shape for future generations

Andrew Green | CEO | bpi group

What is Berry bpi group's position with regards to environmental sustainability?

Our sustainability strategy is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and rests on 5 pillars of people, environment, product, supply chain and community. Against each of these, we have set ourselves significant and stretching targets which underpin our overall corporate strategy.  

We feel passionately about leaving the world in a better shape for future generations than when we came into it and we aspire to be the leader in sustainable flexible solutions for our industry. Our highly-innovative, high quality, high performance lightweight materials and our pioneering recycling solutions are consistently reliable and play a critical role in reducing the carbon impact of our products and of our customers’ products. With regards to our supply chain, we wish to build robust and strategic relationships to deliver on shared commitments to support our industry. We see it as part of our duty to the environment to seek to move beyond just limiting our impact towards generating a positive carbon footprint by increasing our recycling activities, reducing our reliance on depletable resources and maximising resource efficiency.

Also, believing passionately about our people and placing their welfare and safety at the heart of everything we do, we seek to empower, motivate, develop and support our staff so that they feel valued for the contribution they make to something far greater than their individual efforts.  In all the areas in which we operate we aim to be an integral part of the local community, to engage and to educate and to be good neighbours.

What are some of the common challenges both companies are facing today?

We have never faced greater pressure on our industry from consumers, legislators and the media than now. We need to address the issues around the use of plastics while having confidence that our products are so widely used, and will continue to be, because they provide the cost-effective, lightweight and environmentally-beneficial solution for protecting, preserving and promoting our customers’ products. We have a great duty to reveal the environmental credentials of our products through clear, honest explanations of their life-cycle analysis. We also must highlight the positive impact on our customers’ products and processes to avoid well-intentioned regulatory and behavioural trends against plastic do not unintentionally lead to increasing the negative environmental impact.

Both the Berry bpi group and SONGWON must also recognize that our obligation as plastics industry players is to manage our operations at the lowest environmental impact and to provide our customers with the solutions for dealing with our products at the end of their useful life.

In the partnership with SONGWON, what has stood out most for you?

SONGWON’s enthusiasm for the issues around sustainability, recyclability and recycling and the open and direct dialogue we are able to have at all levels of the organization.

How has it been working with SONGWON in general?

From the very beginning, we have appreciated the ease of working with SONGWON and the professional, open, friendly, and fruitful interaction with everyone involved. We are also very pleased that SONGWON’s dedication and passion to doing what is possible to make the world a little better, matches our own.  

Can you describe the synergy between the two organizations?

The small, very entrepreneurial style team across both companies worked really well. The combination of SONGWON’s eagerness to create a bag where 50% of the content was recycled but still white, and our technical expertise was instrumental to the success of this project.  As a team, we didn’t experience any rigid thinking, instead were able to try different process parameters to work out what was best on our customers’ machines. The great respect and cultural awareness helped us to resolve sometimes tense issues and collaborate to solve technical challenges and come up with a unique solution to help our customers meet their ever-increasing sustainability targets.

What do you think has been the key to this successful partnership?

Our open discussions and innovative collaboration. Everyone involved in this partnership is motivated to find solutions to the challenges we face together as an industry.

In what ways do you see the partnership growing in future?

We envisage an even closer partnership with SONGWON in order for us to address sustainability and resource management issues, as well as to explore even more positive ways forward.

Do you have any thoughts or ideas relating to the Berry bpi group’s partnership with SONGWON that you’d like to share or any general plans for the future?

Our organization is thoroughly dedicated to taking leadership in clearly outlining and explaining the environmental credentials of our plastic products and continuing to further our sustainability strategy so we are very keen to build up a long-term relationship with SONGWON.