Tin, PVC Stabilizers, Polymers

Tin Intermediates, PVC Stabilizers, and Polymers

A number of SONGWON’s businesses are grouped under TPP, which stands for Tin Intermediates, PVC Stabilizers and Specialty Polymers:

  • Tin Intermediates are designed for coating industry applications such as automotive paints, glass and tin coatings, as well as for catalysts used in various plastics.
  • PVC Stabilizers and Plasticizers for the PVC industry provide protection against damage caused by heat and during processing, for example in lubrication systems.
  • Polymers, such as Polyester Diols, “Solution” (thermosetting and/or thermoplastic) Polyurethanes (PUs) and Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPUs) based on esterification technology, are used in ink binders, adhesives, and other applications requiring solution PUs and TPUs.
Tin Intermediates & PVC Stabilizers

Tin Intermediates & Stabilizers

Extensive and long-standing experience in tin intermediates has enabled SONGWON to make use of its expertise in alkyl tin oxides to refine processes for producing organo-tin compounds based on butyl and octyl oxide (DBTO and DOTO). Applications include electrodeposition coatings, tin catalysts and stabilizers for PVC.

Butyl and octyl oxides are the main catalysts used in electrodeposition coating technology, which is applied extensively in the global automotive industry.

Tin catalysts based on butyl and octyl oxides support various chemical reactions such as esterification.

Tin stabilizers prevent degradation of PVC resins, which require particularly high heat resistance.

Customers can select from a wide range of SONGWON’s SONGCAT™ Organo-Tin Intermediates, depending on applications and requirements.

PVC Stabilizers & Plasticizers

The third most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer after polyethylene (PP) and polypropylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) comes in two basic forms: rigid and flexible. PVC is used in construction applications such as pipes, doors and windows, as well as in the packaging, automotive, household and furniture, and medical sectors. Flexible PVC today often replaces rubber in plumbing, electrical cable insulation, imitation leather, signage and inflatable products.

Since PVC is heated to soften it during processing, it needs to be stabilized to prevent decomposition resulting from elimination of the hydrogen chloride it contains. Stabilizers help to improve productivity and enhance the resistance of PVC to light, weathering and heat aging, making end products more durable and preserving their appearance. They are almost always supplied as application-specific blends and their main components are metal soaps, metal salts and organo-metal compounds. The choice of heat stabilizer depends on various factors, including technical requirements, regulatory approval and cost. As a leading manufacturer of PVC Stabilizers SONGWON is your competent supplier.

One Pack Systems (for PVC)

One pack systems allow easy, accurate dosing

SONGSTAB™ one pack systems for PVC stabilization are complex formulations comprising blends of stabilizers and lubricants. They allow efficient and accurate additivation by combining the required additives in a single package for easy dosing.

SONGWON offers tailor-made solutions for all applications, including extrusion, calendering and injection molding, etc.

Mixed Metal Stabilizers

Mixed metal stabilizers optimize PVC processing

Mixed metal stabilizers, essential for PVC processing, are one pack systems available in liquid form, depending on the formulation and end application.

SONGWON provides liquid stabilizers for a wide range of applications, including suspension PVC and plastisol.

Metal Soap Stabilizers

Metal soaps are used in non-toxic compounds

Metal soap stabilizers, based on calcium, zinc and magnesium, act as acid scavengers and are used in non-toxic compounds. Applications include lubricants, release agents and water repellents.

Organo-Tin Stabilizers

Organo-tin stabilizers offer a broad spectrum of applications

Organo-tin stabilizers have excellent heat stability, anti-weathering properties and transparency. They are highly compatible with all other types of additives used in PVC. With its butyl tin, octyl tin and methyl tin ranges, SONGWON offers organo-tin stabilizers for a broad spectrum of applications, especially rigid plastic goods.

Auxiliary Stabilizers & Lubricants

Auxiliary stabilizers & lubricants optimize stabilization and other properties

Auxiliary stabilizers and lubricants improve heat stability, anti-weathering properties and transparency as well as enhancing color when used with other stabilizers. They help to optimize welding, gluing and printing properties.


Plasticizers improve flexibility and durability of PVC products

Mainly used for PVC, plasticizers improve the flexibility and durability of plastic end products. They also act as softeners, extenders and lubricants.

SONGCIZER™ plasticizers are suitable for applications requiring good workability as well as resistance to heat and low temperatures, light and viscosity fluctuations. They are primarily used for low-temperature-resistant PVC, as a component in synthetic lubricants, and in high- and low-temperature-resistant greases.

Synthetic Polymers - Polyurethane Coatings


Polyester Diols, “Solution” (thermosetting and/or thermoplastic) Polyurethanes (PUs) and Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPUs) based on esterification technology are used in ink binders, adhesives, and other applications requiring solution PUs and TPUs.


Polyurethanes provide comfort and convenience in countless ways

One of the most versatile plastic materials available today, polyurethanes enhance industrial and consumer products, providing comfort and convenience in countless ways. They are used in furniture and household appliances, construction and electronics, the automotive sector, and for footwear and packaging.

Polyurethanes are either thermosetting or thermoplastic. Thermosetting polyurethane does not melt when heated because it reacts with the curing agent to form a net-like structure, while thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) can be melted and molded as required.

With a long tradition and high experience in the chemical sector, SONGWON offers both HITHANE™ “solution-type” (thermosetting and/or thermoplastic, depending on hardener) and SONGSTOMER™ thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs).

Solution-type polyurethanes

  • Synthetic leather Without the need for any additional curative, SONGWON’s HI-THANE™ is a one-component base material designed for synthetic leather form films with excellent stability at low temperature, whether applied by dry or wet processing methods.
  • Adhesives & ink binders HI-THANE™ A linear polyurethane solutions are designed for adhesive layers in synthetic leather and flexible packaging, and as ink binders for printing on packaging. The one-component solution, with its good physical properties and adhesion, can be used without any modification. Two-component types require hardening with a catalyst and have excellent abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and increased adhesion to substrates.
  • Catalysts ‒ hardeners and accelerators for adhesive systems HI-THANE™ CA, AT and C are hardeners and accelerators for two-component-type adhesive adjuvant material. The curing reaction between adhesive and hardener is accelerated by products such as organo-metallic compounds.
  • Surface coating agents HI-THANE™ solution-type surface coating agents for synthetic leather exhibit excellent resistance to abrasion, hydrolysis, solvents and blocking.

Thermoplastic polyurethanes

SONGSTOMER™ thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) are highly suitable for injection and extrusion molding thanks to their physical properties, which are far superior to those of conventional cast-type polyurethane elastomers.

Thermoplastic polyurethanes are suitable for numerous industrial applications.

Thermoplastic polyurethanes

Polyester Diols

Polyester diols enhance polyurethane coatings

SONGSTAR™ polyester diols are base materials that allow formulators to synthesize high-quality polyurethanes coatings.

Super Absorbent Polymers

Super Absorbent Polymers boost efficiency in industry and at home

Super Absorbent Polymers (SAPs) can absorb and retain extremely large amounts of a liquid relative to their own mass.

Polyester Diols

SONGWON HI-SWELL™ Super Absorbent Polymers exhibit quick, high water absorbance and excellent stability, regardless of heat and light.

HI-SWELL™ only swells aqueous solutions and does not easily release absorbed liquid, even under pressure. The HI-SWELL™ range is suitable for applications such as disposable diapers, incontinence pads and sanitary napkins, as well as water-holding agents for the cable industry, construction, packaging, and more.

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