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Salient in Additives

Songwon is the second largest manufacturer of polymer stabilizers in the world. Our vision is to be Salient in Additives and become the supplier of choice for polymer additives through our continued commitment to providing better quality, better service and better value to our customers. We are firmly focused on delivering growth by anticipating the needs and desires of our customers and by aspiring to be a leading example in additives technology development. more >

Co-leader in additives

The very first product Songwon launched, almost fifty years ago, was a PVC-stabilizer and since then Songwon has become an expert company in polymer stabilizers and co-leader in the global antioxidants market. Over the years we have built a diverse product portfolio by constantly investing our resources in the development of new additive products and manufacturing processes, and focusing on innovation. more >


Global Reach

The word Songwon translates into pine tree and just as the pine tree grows all over the planet, we at Songwon are reaching out to global markets by supplying polymer additives to our customers worldwide. We have developed geographical coverage and service levels that meet the logistic and quality needs of our customers, and provide best-in-class documentation and regulatory support. The pine tree has had to adapt itself to many different environments to be able to grow in many different places on earth, and we follow this example through our innovative and adaptive approach to the global polymer additives industry. more >

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  • 13-11-2015

    Songwon Industrial Group releases Financial Results for Q3/2015 more >

  • 13-11-2015

    Financial Results Q3/2015 more >

  • 30-10-2015

    Financial Results Q3/2015 (Preliminary, unaudited numbers) more >


A wide variety of innovative and complex additive combinations, backed by security of supply more >

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